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Slowing Down

I have been neglecting my own self care for several months. I work with people who have had intense trauma in their lives, and it can be exhausting. I love it, and self care is necessary both for my work with these individuals and myself.

I find myself getting irritated by little things and my family bears the brunt of it. I have two wonderful children. One will go to college next year and I want to savor every minute with him. My other child is 15, and she is a brilliant actor, and academic whiz. We have a special bond that I want to nurture. Especially since she wants to go to NYU for college.

Then, of course there is my husband. He holds our family together. He cooks, does our laundry, and is the primary transportation to tournaments and rehearsals and to work since we have only one car. He does not get the care and attention he needs from me.

So, in this new year I need to resolve to engage in regular self care activities so my family and friends get what they deserve from me. I’ll come up with a list and actually schedule things in my datebook. Massages, exercise and trips to the ocean are essentials.

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Back in the Tarot Saddle

Been picking up my Tarot cards again with the purchase of a few new decks and following some YouTube podcasters. My fav at the moment is The Hermits Cave with a wonderful man named Simon from Nottingham England.

Thinking about trying to begin a group here in town of readers who can all share knowledge with each other. Anyone interested?

I also have a Facebook site called Expanded Awareness whet I post some of my readings I do for myself. I’m also ready to get on with reading for others.

Anyone among my readers interested in Tarot?

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Knitting Again

I am knitting again.  I stopped for a couple of  years after the death of my  mentor and knitting companion.  She committed suicide, and the stiches  made my pain, guilt and longing worse.  I know she would not have wanted me to stop knitting, but that made no  difference to me at the time. 

Every time I picked up the needles, I was overwhelmed with tears and regrets.  Not calling her when I thought of her the day before she died, not going to an event she wanted to go to,  the list goes on.  The truth is, people did speak to her the day before, she had made  plans for the next week, she showed no particular symptoms.

We had talked numerous times of our depression, of our thoughts and  plans of suicide.  It was a comfort to me to share the feelings of my  most vulnerable moments – I hope it did the same for her.

I have seen her since she died.  She was sitting in a room with others, knitting.  She gave me a thumbs up, and she was happy.

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Mother Pine


The pine tree in my backyard is female.  Up until now, I have only connected with trees that have male energy.  No, take that back.  My grandmothers weeping willow was female, I can recall her energy and it was definitely female.

You may think I’m crazy, but trees do have distinctive energies in them.  My backyard pine has taught me much about how all of nature is connected.  I have read some about how roots spread in an area and that is one form of communication. They also communicate through bacteria in the ground.

She tells me that all of the trees in our neighborhood connect, as well as to all beings in the area.  I know that we have a raccoon and opossum that are in her branches part of the time.  She receives gifts from me to honor her, and gives me messages When I sit beneath her.  In this time of Thanksgiving, I thank my pine tree, because she is mine and anyone else’s who cares to sit under her and perhaps offer a gift.

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Coping With Scarcity Mentality

I have trouble maintaining a sense of abundance and positivity related to earning money.   The nature of my business of Psychotherapy, can be up and down, ebb and flow, and I still worry when it ebbs.    I have several clients that are progressing nicely and have cut them back to every other week or even once a month.  This is good news as they are healing, and need less time with me – it is success, and I think it is unethical to hold on to people longer than they need.  I am more of a consultant that a lifelong guide.

I always get new clients, I am forever being shown that I am secure, financially, and still I worry.  Walking with faith in the Universe and knowledge of its abundance is difficult for me.  Affirmations help, putting them on sticky notes on my desk, at home.  So today, I will place them around where I will see them.  Things like “I acknowledge and accept the abundance of the Universe”  I’ll keep you posted!

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I Come From…

A literary device I have used on several occasions to convey my experiences in life.  One Example:

I come from black prairie soil cared for by my family for four generations, where I formed deep roots.

I come from hardwood forests and streams, white-tailed deer and dam building beaver.

I come from my grandmother’s bread, kolaches from Croatia, the Old Country.

I come from Ireland and the famine, Catholicism and good whiskey.

I come from rosaries, nuns and narrow minded priests.

I come from a quietly rebellious youth and getting out.

I come from a father who gave me a deep love of the earth.

I come from a mother who taught me longing and gave me roots.


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I thought I’d write a little about services that I provide other than Psychotherapy.  I am also an ordained Minister, a Tarot Card reader, Astrologer and Reiki Master Teacher.

This means I can Marry people, perform House Blessings and clearings, do Memorial Services.

I can run  your Astrological Chart and interpret it.  I can throw the Cards and interpret them as well.

I can give you Reiki, relaxing and healing.